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Earlier this month, news that KOK was listed on the global top 5 exchange KuCoin was introduced and welcomed with a lot of attention. The news of KOK’s listing on KuCoin was reported through various media outlets and featured on Naver’s Economic News. This time, China’s famous blockchain media Chainske also introduced this news.

Chainske (链氪网) is a Chinese media outlet and online community that comprehensively delivers blockchain content. Various blockchain-related news and information such as token economy, information on mining machines, and schedules of blockchain forums and research meetings are shared and updated every day. Among them, the news of KOK’s listing on KuCoin was at the top of the ‘Recommended News’ column and ‘Token Economy’ column. This is expected to increase KOK’s awareness and interest in China, which forms a large cryptocurrency market.

KOK has also been on an upward trend since its listing on KuCoin. We look forward to continuing to grow and deliver good news to our members. Thank you.

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